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We are not accepting any application due to a freeze session, clan at this time is not active.

There are some contents on website that are currently under construction, we do apologize for any inconvenience. 

Hello and welcome to the Law Enforcement Finest Department (LEFD) official clan website. LEFD is a police roleplay clan that provides education and entertainment for all members. LEFD is only for the following consoles: Xbox 360 & Xbox One on Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), here on our website you can learn on how we operate based on the following information: Our Events are perform in a free-mode lobby on Grand Theft Auto V, which consist of 6 - 16 members. All Members perform realism scenario for educational and entertainment purposes. Free-mode lobby pertaining to roleplay have a set of police and crooks who operate and function under the discretion of the supervisor, roleplay invitation goes based on activity within party-chat session. Furthermore LEFD falls under an Equal Opportunity environment, that allows all members and applicants (current/future) to be treated the same. LEFD is a realistic clan, providing maturity, discipline, respect, and professionalism.

Law Enforcement Finest Department is very diverse, all men and women on xbox live join our finest clan from different parts of the world. LEFD has a para-military function with chain-of-command and all relating to policing. In addition to diverse, members in the clan come from all sort of public safety background, such as: police, fire fighter, paramedics, explorers/reserves and military.  If you are interested in joining feel free to apply, but first, we ask you to follow our step at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that only qualified members that follow the process correctly will receive faster and accurate response from administrative staff.

LEFD History

LEFD was established in the year of 2008 by 3 members: EASTNYG0BLIN718, HEL DESTRUCTION, & Devil Dogs101. These individuals had a strong passion for roleplay, mainly education. After a while LEFD grew to be one of the few recognized police roleplay clan within the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto and to have an Equal Opportunity. Although LEFD had it's up and downs, members in the clan kept there heads up high and provided support non-stop. Our past clan started off with: 95PCT, NYLE, and now LEFD, both 95pct and NYLE were police roleplay clans based on a precinct level. Which at the time consist of 15 members, though as time went by we encounter new friends, friends with the same passion, such as: Blitzkrieg , Soldier OT, Socal Explorer and SPECLFRYRICE. Together all of the members above created L.E.F.D, which wasn't an ordinary clan that held 15 members, but a generalize Police clan that exceeded the amount of 40 active members. However time had caught up with members and admin staff of the clan, which forced the clan to resigned from it current state of the past, such as: personal issues, work conditions and military leave. LEFD had ended in the year of 2013 after the holidays, and conducted one last roleplay event which was never forgotten. Crooks and police brought out the best scenarios as possible, one including Santa Clause, when the event was over all M.O.S (member of Service) segregated until the time was right. That time is now , LEFD resurrection has been released, with new admin staff: oEASTNYGoBlino, oSouthNYGoBlino, oDieHaRdGoblino, & oTacticalGoblino. These four admin staff have step forward into rebuilding LEFD to its finest again.

Steps on the selection / hiring process

Requirements / Qualifications  

If interested in joining, please follow the instructions below, in order to begin your process:

1. We recommend for all future applicants to view our website to better understand LEFD

2. Sign up/in with our respective website, by creating a webs account (no charge)

3. See that your username on this website is the same as your xbox 360 gamertag

4. Upon completion on # 3, click the "Apply" section on this website, that will redirect you to application page

5. Follow all instruction on application page (third party), application page consist of multiple choice and fill-in blanks

6. After completing the application, wait between 5-7 business days for a response on xbox 360

7. If application was accepted, you will move onto an interview with an administrative member. If decline you will have to reset your process from the beginning 

8. Once your interview comes to a complete, you may have to wait between 24-48 hours to receive an answer

9. If you have successfully pass the above : Application and interview, you will be offer to join our next upcoming police academy on GTA V.

10. Complete the Police Academy and move forward to graduation to be sworn in as a LEFD Police Officer 


1. Must be at the age of 14 and up to apply

2. Must have a workable xbox 360 mic to interact

3. Must have an active Xbox 360/One gold membership

4. Must know your driving regulation

5. Must have access to a computer  / WiFi Device with Internet

6. When applying to be a member, you must not be a member in any other clan that relates to policing.

7. Must have Grand theft Auto 5

8. Should not have any mods

9. Must have "Zello"  (walkie-talkie) app, for clan usage

10. No Modders are allowed


There are no formal education or roleplay experience require to join LEFD. 

Want a taste of LEFD before joining ?

Join us on Zello, our Channel is: LEFD Citywide Communication Center. There you can listen to our live feeds in each event that takes place, whether it is Official / Mock Patrol. Zello is an walkie-talkie app that supports both wifi devices and computers, only current trained members can interact.

                                          Recruits are you ready to get trained ?

If you have successfully pass the application and interview process, the next final stage will be the Police Academy. 

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2014-2015 Copyrights. There are some contents that we are borrowing and do not own. This is a non-government website,this is simply to be used for Law Enforcement Finest Department clan (L.E.F.D). The L.E.F.D is not a real police department, It's only a fictional entertainment group, which provides not only entertainment, but educational too, for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. L.E.F.D does not support the impersonation of any type of law enforcement officials, L.E.F.D also is not affiliated with Microsoft.